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Coding, Designing, Socializing...

Long time ago...

It always has been a low efficiency process for collection data, with the limited budget, resources, and level's of technician

Times and times again, while you spent a lot of the money and still lost opportunities. The only winner is the digital/advertise agency. They are greedily stolen the money from you.

And now...

It's a wonderful world, anything could happen. Just 20 years,  The information technologies have overwhelmingly covered every areas of our modern life.

No one foresaw a small smart mobile phone that can transforms the world so flat. Many technologies suddenly emerged overnight, ending overnight, from no one cares, to everybody rush in.


Smart choice is the half success. Open source means instability?That's past.

Relying on cloud platforms and open source code, it is wise to minimize development costs, use funds to develop business model, improve service quality, and quickly capture the market and win word of mouth.

Maybe we are not a top-notch developer from technical point of view, but for now you maybe just need a smart "porter."

In fact..

There are many good resources on github.

It's opensources(100% MIT-liences...)。

We are curious about what kind of chemical reaction can these things bring to your business, and what new innovation can spark.


Choice is more important than effort, opportunity is more important than effort, wisdom is more important than effort, health is more important than effort, family is more important than effort, friend is more important than effort, and hobbies are more important than effort.Time is more important than anything...

There are many things in this world that are more important than hard work! Bring reciprocal, is the our ideology, so, from now on Don't work hard! Work smart! 

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